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      Pre sales service

      In line with the concept of "quality as the pioneer, service as the backing", according to the opinions and requirements of customers, conduct comprehensive analysis, design a complete scheme with the fastest speed, recommend the products most suitable for the actual needs of customers, and let customers know the performance characteristics of the selected products.
      On sale service
      Professional service awareness of the service team, will be uninterrupted contact with customers, so that customers clearly know the progress of product completion. In addition, the company in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract for production, delivery, to ensure that the product is intact, and within the specified time to the customer's request.
      For the implementation environment of the project site, the customer can directly consult or complain to the person in charge of the project on site, and judge whether the problem can be solved on site according to the nature of the problem. If the problem can be successfully solved on site, the processing results will be directly replied to the customer. The problems that are not suitable for on-site solution shall be transferred to the customer service response center. The customer service response center can directly receive the problems put forward by the customer in writing or by telephone, or the problems that are not suitable for on-site direct solution transferred by the on-site project manager, judge the nature of the problems, and submit them to the relevant departments for handling.
      After-sale service
      Technical guidance, installation and debugging methods and precautions will be provided free of charge, or installation service will be provided directly.
      During the warranty period (12 months), if the product has quality problems under normal storage, transportation, maintenance and use conditions, it shall be responsible for free repair or replacement, and provide relevant maintenance knowledge; if the product is damaged or works abnormally due to improper use of the user, the company shall provide paid maintenance service for the product. The products will not be provided with paid service during the warranty period.
      When we receive quality information feedback, we will put forward treatment opinions within 24 hours, and arrive at the scene to deal with problems within 100 hours in China. After normal operation, we will analyze the reasons and clarify the responsibilities.
      Free installation and debugging for the sold equipment.
      Train the buyer's technical personnel free of charge.
      During the warranty period (one year), except for human damage and force majeure, if the equipment has quality problems, our company promises that the maintenance service and material costs are free.
      Our company provides long-term technical support. If the seller needs door-to-door service outside the warranty period, only the cost will be charged (within China).
      Our company has sufficient supply of wearing parts. If the buyer requests to order spare parts, our company can provide them in time.
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